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Форум » Образование » Учительская » Английский язык » ГИА по английскому 2016 9 класс (Задания, советы по подготовке, доп материалы...)
ГИА по английскому 2016 9 класс
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Государственная итоговая аттестация  по  английскому языку в  IX классе проводится устно по билетам.

Каждый из 25 билетов содержит  два вопроса: первый вопрос-чтение, перевод, пересказ текста по  составленному плану (обязательно), составление пяти вопросов разных типов к прочитанному; второй вопрос – говорение.

Первое задание билета  направлено на проверку уровня сформированности у учеников умений и навыков чтения, понимания прочитанного текста, умения обобщать содержание прочитанного, выделять ключевые слова и определять значение незнакомых слов по контексту или
словообразовательным элементам.

Тексты могут содержать до 5 % незнакомых слов, о значении которых можно догадаться, используя лингвистическую и контекстуальную догадку,
опираясь на сюжетную линию, и 2 % незнакомых слов, которые не препятствуют пониманию текста вообще.

Второе задание проверяет уровень сформированности навыков и умений говорения.

Третье задание  предназначено для проверки правил и аспектов грамматики (углубленный/профильный уровень изучения предмета).

Ответ учеников проходит в форме беседы-диалога с членами аттестационной комиссии (с элементами монологического сообщения).

Во время проведения аттестации по английскому языку пользоваться словарями и дополнительной литературой не разрешается. 

Сборники билетов с устной частью можно скачать по этой ссылке
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Card 1
1.You were asked to prepare a report about the most important inventions of the 20thcentury.

Tell your friends:
-what invention you consider the most important;
-what devices you often use and what for;
-why it is difficult for people to do without computers and mobile phones.

The 20th century has given us plenty ofthings that improve our lives: TV, calculators, mobile phones, CDs. It has also given us some household objects that make our lives easier and more comfortable. We use food processors and vacuum cleaners every day, we need WI-FI routers and portable hard drives at work. Our lives fully depend on technical progress and gadgets nowadays.

Personally Iconsider computers the most important invention ever. Almost every home, school and office has a computer. It has become the most essential part of our daily life. Needless to say, computers can be used for education and fun. It seems that computers are a useful addition to our fast-moving world of high technology. I strongly believe computers save a lot of valuable time. Stored information can be found immediately. Computer programmes allow us to learn, draw, play or communicate with people all around the world.

Speaking about the devices I often use in my life,they are a memory stick and a mobile phone. I need a memory stick to store the most important information, films, documents. I take it to school, when I visit my friends and when I travel. My memory stick has everything I need to study,
remember or share with other people. This device is portable, small and very comfortable to use.

In addition, I can’t imagine my life without a mobile phone. It connects me to the whole world. I can get in touch with my relatives, parents and friends. I have a quick Internet access in it. I can also take pictures, watch films, read e-books or listen to music with the help of it. It entertains me and helps to learn something new.

I reckon for modern people it is impossible to do without computers and mobile phones. They simplify our life, work, studies. They are handy, multifunctional , so we save a lot of time and nerves thanks to these inventions. They have become our little assistants and friends in this modern, quick and busy life.
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Card 2

2. A new pupil who is interested in music has come to your class. Tell him:
-whether music is an art;
-what music style you prefer ;
-who your favourite singer or group is; why.

You know, Sergey, I’m also interested in music. We hear music everywhere: in the streets and at home, over the radio and on TV, in shops and in parks. People all over the world are fond of music. They listen to music, dance to music, learn to play the musical instruments. There are a lot of different kinds of music. Some of them appeared  long ago, some are rathermodern. We can choose our favourite art-forms of music from classical to rap and pop. I can’t think of a day without it. Music inspires me, raises my spirits and makes me think about life. So, I quite agree that it is an art.

As most teenagers, I enjoy listeningto music. My favourite style of music is pop music, because it‘s catchy and full of energy. When I listen to this kind of music it makes me remember happy times and forget the problems of my everyday life. It helps me to relax when I’m tired and entertains me when I’d like to have fun. Sometimes I listen to dubstep , because I enjoy dancing to this type of music. My parents don’t share my musical tastes and they think that my preferences will change with time.

Truly speaking, I don’t have anyparticular singer I admire. As for my favourite group, it is “ The Wanted”. They are British and produce powerful andquality music. There are five men in this band who are talented and young. The band was founded in 2009 but it’s even more popular now. I find their music fascinating and always listen to their songs on my way to school or when I have free time. “The Wanted” have released 3 studio albums. Their songs become instant hits in Great Britain, Ireland and other parts of Europe. Their lyrics are easy to understand and remember, so I often sing them myself.

In a word, music makes our life bright, dynamic andit connects us to different moments of our lives. It also influences our mood, thoughts and feelings.
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Card 3

3. Imagine that you are taking part in theinternational conference on the topic “The role of the Internet in people’s life”. Tell:
-why Internetactivities are so popular;
-how the Internetcan help students in their studies;
-whether theInternet can be dangerous; why.

Good afternoon, dear audience! I’m happy to take part in this conference on the topic The role of the Internet in people’slife”. The development of the modernscience and technology provides us with the opportunities people didn’t have15-20 years ago. Computers, cell phones, electronic gadgets have become an important part of our everyday life.

Computers havechanged our lives for the better, whether we realize it or not. The main reason is the invention of the Internet. Today it’s a lifestyle for many young people. This global computer system  makes ourwork easier and our leisure time brighter. We use the Internet for on-line
shopping and the latest information is available to you every second. Chat groups and social networks  are quitepopular because you can share your interests, hobbies, make friends with people all over the world. E-mail is popular too because it is faster than sending a letter and cheaper than an international call. The Internet has immense popularity because  we use it in almostevery sphere of our life: play games, plan holidays, download films and music, keep in touch through Skype.

The Internet has become the integral part of  students’life. It’s a great thing for studies. There is no need to spend days in the libraries- you can find anything you need in no time. If you missed a lesson, your friends or the teacher  can send youthe material via the Internet. You can even have Skype lessons, Internet conferences and obtain distant education. Moreover, students can find video lessons and seminars, on-line tests and educational programmes on the Internet.

However, thisglobal  network can be dangerous.Why?  First, endless hours in front of ascreen can lead to constant headaches, eyestrain and lack of exercise. Secondly, there might be computer viruses that you download  with pictures or video onto your computer. Finally,there are many Internet sites dealing with violence, terrorism or gambling. Some people are not sensible enough to ignore them and it ruins their lives.

On the whole,the world of the Internet is really exciting and boundless. It saves a lot of valuable time, opens new horizons, helps to know modern tendencies.
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Card 4

4.  Imagine you are preparing for taking part in the conference on the language policy. Tell:
-why the English language is becoming so important;
-how many languages you would like to learn; what they would be;
- what problems people face while learning thelanguages.

Good afternoon, dear audience! I’m happy to take part in this conference on the languagepolicy.

To begin with, we should admit that  English is the most widely spoken language inthe world nowadays. There is no doubt that the role of English as an international language is very important. It is a chief language of business, academic conferences , the leading language of international tourism. It goes without saying that English is also the main language of pop-music, advertising, satellite broadcasting, home computers and Internet games.

What is more, itis the language of international traffic control, emergency services and diplomacy. It is used by more than 380 mln people as a native language and by 300 mln people as a second language.

Concerning the languages I would like to learn, they are French and German. For many people French is a very beautiful language. It has a romantic spirit and I hope I will use it when I’m in Paris. German is quite a useful language if you are on business in Europe. But it’s not half as easy to learn as English. I want to get a good job in Western Europe, so I need to speak German properly.

We can’t butmention that there are some problems people face while learning the languages. First, you have to try out new ways of saying things. You need to look up the exact meaning of new words. Moreover, it’s important to learn the rules of grammar, spelling and the exceptions. You also have to master your sounds  and pronunciation.

So, I haveexpressed my point of  view. Feel free toask me any questions and give comments.
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Card 5

A new pupil who is fond of reading has come to your class. Tell him:
-about the role of books in people’s life;
-what books you prefer;
-what your favourite book is.

It is a well-known fact that reading is a wonderful way to spend your spare time in a useful way. It is often claimed that it’s a good way to relax and at the same time gain knowledge or even experience while reading.

It seems to methat I can’t imagine my life without reading too. Though I’m not a bookworm ['bukwɜːm] ( книжный червь, любитель книг), I like to spend my free time reading a good book. There is a great variety of genres: novels, short stories, detective stories, encyclopedias, adventures, science fiction and others. I have to admit that I like reading different genres. For example, I enjoy reading encyclopedias because they clearly explain what the surrounding world is like. Besides, when I am tired or bored, it’s a brilliant idea to read an adventure story or a detective story and to try to solve a mystery myself. As for me, Thomas Mayne Reid created a wonderful novel, which is called The Headless Horseman. It was written in 1866 and I have to confess that it is my favourite book.

"The Headless Horseman" was set in Texas andbased on a south Texas folk tale. This is a story about an Irish adventurer Maurice Gerald- a brave and a noble man who falls in love with Louise Poindexter- a daughter of a rich planter. It is also a story about jealous and malicious [mə'lɪʃəs] (злобный, злой) Captain Cassius Calhoun, who is in love with Louise Poindexter too.

Talking about the content of the book I am absolutelyconvinced that the novel is very interesting because it is first of all a detective story. The headless horseman appears as nonsense to a reader. Nobody knows who it is and there is a big mystery. In my opinion, the end of the novel
is quite interesting too- we finally understand who the headless horseman is and who killed Henry Poindexter.

I strongly recommend you to read this novel because Iam convinced that it is not only a work of fiction and an adventurous story, but it is also a great work where the author tries to teach and explain people what is good and what is bad showing different characters and their behavior and actions.

In conclusion you can safely say that though we areliving in the world full of computers and modern technologies, books will never disappear because they are a great source of wisdom and reading is essential for everyone because it infuses us with a knowledge that goes beyond what we can learn from the Internet or different textbooks.
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Card 6

You were asked to prepare a report about cinema as an art. Tell:

− why cinema is an art;
− what kinds of films exist nowadays;
− what your favourite film is

The twentieth century has given the world cinema. For a long time there have been disputes whether the cinema is an art or just an entertainment. Nowadays the cinema is considered one of the main contemporary arts.

Cinema plays an important role in the life of any society. The cinema has become part of the modern way of life. There is no denying the fact
that the cinema is an excellent vehicle of culture. Its possibilities are unlimited. In the earliest years of the cinema its power to show
contemporary events was recognized and appreciated. More than anything else this unique quality secured popularity for the film as a new form
of instruction and entertainment. That’s why the cinema is considered to be one of the best ways of spending their leisure time.

There are a lot of different kinds of films: feature films, theatrical films, horror films, thriller films, popular science films,
travelogues, mystery films, documentaries, animated cartoon films. Besides, the films may be color or black and white, full-length or
short, sound or silent, dubbed in mother tongue, three-dimensional or wide-screen.

We can see films either in the cinema or on the TV. As I am often short of time, I have practically no time for going to the cinema. For this
reason I see films on television more frequently. But sometimes I manage to go to the cinema. I prefer feature films and amusing
comedies. It’s a pity the life is so difficult nowadays and I want to relax a little, sometimes even to laugh. But at the same time I am fond
of true-to-life films describing the life of the ordinary people, their feelings and problems. Such films move me deeply, they arouse the
feelings of sympathy or hatred for the heroes. As a rule such films leave a deep and lasting impression upon me.

Art has always been occupation for the few, but has been admired by many.
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Card 7

You met yourfriend and would like to discuss your last shopping experience. Tell:
-what types of shops existnowadays;
-what a shopping list for atypical family should include;
-what shopping experience you've got .

It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that going shopping has become a part of our everyday life. The first markets appeared in ancient Greece and ancient Rome and today we cannot imagine our life without this activity. For some peopleit's a pleasant pastime while for others it's an everyday routine. But whether you like shopping or not you have to do it because it's a necessity.

Today peopledo a lot of shopping or at least window-shopping every day, because all necessary facilities are provided for them. In large cities and even in small towns there are all kinds of shops and stores, such as a department store, a food supermarket, women's and men's clothing
shops, grocery, butchery and bakery.

People have an opportunity to buy food and clothesanytime and anywhere they want. However, it is always better to write a shopping list- a list of items needed to be purchased. One article claimsthat approximately 40% of grocery shoppers use shopping lists. I totally agree that the usage of shopping listsclearly impact shopping behavior in a positive way- it helps to reduce average expenditure. [ɪk'spendɪʧə]( расходы, приобретения). Nowadays people can even create their shopping lists with the help of their smart phones using some special programs like Out of milk and others.

To my mind a grocery shopping list for a typical family should include some bread, poultry, some dairy products and various fruits and vegetables. Besides, sometimes it is necessary to buy some frozen food such as vegetables and ice-cream. Condiments ['kɔndɪmənt]( приправа, специи) are also important. They are: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, oil, salad dressing and different spices. It is also necessary
not to forget about various snacks: cookies, candy, chocolate and nuts.

To tell the truth I don't like goingshopping and that is why my experience of a shopper is very limited. My mother does shopping in my family. Sometimes I have to go the shop if my relatives are very busy or they need a helping hand. I prefer buying clothes. This kind of activity is more interesting for me. But unfortunately I go shopping for food more often.

I remember my last shopping experience quitewell. I accompanied my mother to the local market and supermarket (we had to goto both places) to buy some groceries that she needed for the coming Easter. Shopping just before a holiday was not a pleasant experience. Everyone had things to buy so there were crowds of people everywhere and the prices of things shot up.  We made our way carefully through the varioussections buying different foods from my mother’s shopping list which was quite big. Our bags were very heavy and Iwas so glad to come back home. I think I will never forget this shoppingexperience in my life!

In conclusion, I'd like to saythat shopping is both a must and a pleasure; and certainly it's an unavoidable thing, so people have to make the process less stressful and plan their shopping well.
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Card 8

8. Tell your friend about the role of mobile phones in modern society:

whether you use a mobile phone;
- what the advantages of using mobilephones are;
- what the disadvantages of usingmobile phones are.

Mobile phones have changed people’s livescompletely. They have become an essential part of everybody’s daily routine. It is not a secret that today a great number of people feel quite helpless if they have left their mobile phones at home or can’t reach a person at the very moment they wish.

As for me, not a day goes by that I don’tuse my mobile phone. I think it’s one of the most useful inventions in the world. I use it not only to get on to somebody but for taking photos or keeping useful information as well.

I’m absolutely convinced that a great number of people would support my opinion about this modern device. First of all, it’s because mobile phones provide people with an opportunity to keep in touch with anyone in spite of the distance or part of the day. It seems to me this is one of the major advantages of using mobile phones.

Besides, mobile phones are multi-functional nowadays. As I have already mentioned , they can be used for different things. For example, using a mobile phone can make access to the Internet available. Furthermore, any contemporary models of phones are supplied with cameras. So, if you enjoy travelling, it’s not necessary to take a large camera with you. You can just use your mobile phone to take photos of the most unforgettable moments during your trip. Due to mobile phones lots of people don’t have any alarm-clocks but those which are nestedin mobile phones.

Nevertheless we can’t deny that mobilephones provoke a range of problems either. Firstly, every month people who use mobile phones have to contribute to the phone bill. They also have to controlthe amount of money on their phones accounts otherwise they might be deprived  of the opportunity to make acall in the most inappropriate moment. But to my mind, the greatest disadvantage of cell phones is certainly their bad influence on people’s health. It is inevitable that a mobile phone creates a certain level of radiation while being used . Much scientific research has pointed out that such amount of radiation would potentially lead to serious diseases, such as cancer and tumor. Thus a long-time use of mobile phones might harm one’s health.

So,  people should remember about that. Anotherproblem often observed is how the inappropriate use of a mobile phone interferes with people’s activities. For example, during an important conference, calling or receiving mobile phones would distract audience attention and impair the quality of the conference.

To conclude, it is inarguable that mobile phones are not perfect so far, but they can produce more valuable and beneficial influences. Thus, I am convinced that their advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Each person should decide  on his own.
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Card 9

9. Imagine that you are taking partin the International conference on environmental problems.
 Inform theparticipants about:
•        the globalproblems the world faces nowadays;
•        how othercountries cope with these problems;
•        your ownways of improving the ecological situation.

Since the ancient times Nature has served Man, being the source of his life. For thousands of years people lived in harmony with environment and it seemed to them that natural riches were unlimited. But with the development of civilization man's interference into nature began to increase.
Large cities with thousands of smoky industrial enterprises appear all over the world today. As a result, the by-products of their activity pollute the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we grow grain and vegetables on. The increasing number of cars on the roads causes too much air pollution as well. It's really hard to breathe because of the car fumes. Besides, by reasonof deforestation we don’t have enough oxygen to breath with. As a result,  the lack of oxygen in the air can have a badinfluence on a human’s health.  Airpollution provokes acid rain which kills trees and plants. Also, aerosol sprays and other chemicals destroy the ozone layer. As a result, there is a huge hole in it nowadays. So, too much ultraviolet radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere through the hole. That can cause deathful diseases. As you see, currently the environment is so contaminated that urgent measures should betaken.

Today lots of countries all over the world are seekingfor the ways to make our precious planet much cleaner. Some countries are active enough to take steps in solving environmental problems. Among the world's top ten are Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway. Iceland is the
world's first country to produce the energy due to the geothermal river resources. Sweden is going to exclude from using fossil fuels by 2020.
Switzerland is keeping strict legislative programme as for environment and ecology. Besides, the Swiss are considered to own so-called "green
mentality" that allows Switzerland to be among the world's purest countries. Norway is planned to make a vital contribution to the use of zero carbone fuel by 2030. It will bepossible owing to opening of the first-rate solar energy plants. But in spite of the obvious breakthrough in the results of the world's environmental policy most issues are too large-scale to bemanaged by any individual person or individual country. In other words, it is an international problem. Lately, many presentations, conferences and international summits have been held to deal with waste treatment, recycling, and soil and water contamination. For sure joint efforts and consolidation can only help in the mutual war towards the ongoing environmental disaster.

However, the influence ofindividuals on the environment should not be ignored. If we do not confess that our planet is our home, we will never be able to take enough care of it. We have to contribute to the preservation of nature and environment every day.

Firstly, we should always remember to save energy by switching off lamps, computers and everything that we do not use. Secondly, people mustn't drop litter  anywhere they wish, but just intothe rubbish bins. We also should remember to separate waste and throw bulk only in the special areas. Driving vehicles can also be environmentally-friendly. For example, we should avoid driving cars so often but walk more or use bicycles around the place.

To sum up, environmental problems should be handled by local and international authorities as well as individuals. Every single person should take care of the environment, moreover we have to bring up our children to be conscious citizens of a clean and preserved planet.
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Это просто ОХУЕННО
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